Referenzen (Car Lounge) (Sammlung Fredy Lienhard) (Brenners Parkhotel Baden Baden)

Oldtimerhotel Pfaffenhausen (Pfaff Garagen) (Museum Ferdinand Piech)

Quality of life

We equipped our car exhibition halls Classics and CAR LOUNGE with the Klima-Lounge system in Switzerland. We accommodate more than 120 cars, which are now safe and permanently protected, thanks to Goetz


"Since my car is in the Klima-Lounge, I have no problems with typical stationary damages like electronic systems, ignition, starter. I know that my car is always fresh and ready to drive. That is not only a comforting feeling, but also a plus in quality of life."

Dr. Hermann Dietrich-Troeltsch
Publisher of Auto, Motor und Sport

„The previous owner of my car made me aware of the dangers of an ordinary garage. He explained the concept of the Klima-Lounge. As I compared the relation of the construction of the Klima-Lounge with the value of the car, the decision for the Klima-Lounge was made. Today I am happy that I made that decision, the Lounge became a genuine piece of designer's work. It is chill-out zone - for my car and for me".

Eugen Filser
Entrepreneur and car enthusiast

"Our name has been standing for manufacture and improvement of exclusive cars for 25 years now". It is a question of good taste, to make something exclusive out of the ordinary and to present it in such a way. Exclusive cars belong to the Klima-Lounge".

Richard Hamann