Exclusive only in the Klima-Lounge: Vitamins for your car

It works better than only "clean" - the Klima-Lounge ensures fresh and oxygen-filled air with ionisation and thus the best place of preservation for your car.

Technically this means that through the adding of an electron the Klima-Lounge-molecule will be charged negatively. Through this, gentle, softer air will be produced; the effect is similar to the use of a softener with washing or a micro-fibre towel as polishing towel.

Practically, it means that your car is better protected. Ionised air kills undesired micro-organisms which reduces quality, e.g. in the interior of the car. Bad smells are absorbed in advance. The ionisation reduces the static energy in electrostatic air and removes destroying particles. Thus the Klima-Lounge binds bacteria, fungal spores, gas-forming substances (e.g formaldehyde) and smoke particles in the air. Ionised air in the room binds exhaust air, dust and soot, cares for the car and maintains leather and rubber/seals, plastic, textiles and cushions. At the same time healthier, more biologically fresh air for people.