What can an intelligent garage do? Quite simple: It can control the climatic conditions consciously - and in such a way that the stored car, and respectively the car parked for a short time has no atmospheric damage and also no electronic problems being stationary there.

Technically it means that you receive a complete, massive isolated garage - which contains the comprehensive Klima-Lounge technology. The garage only needs to be set up, connected to the electricity - finished. Plug and drive in - it is so simple: You can place your car in it on the same day.

Practically it means that we construct garages to your individual wishes. You give us the size and we equip the garage with the tested and valued Klima-Lounge-technology. Your garage monitors the moisture in the air and heat circulation so that your car is perfectly protected from corrosion, rust, oxidation and mould formation, and electronic problems.

And you save money. In comparison to a conventionally built garage you save up to 40% - your running costs for repairs and restoration on the vehicle is substantially decreased. Klima-Lounge MOVE: is worth it from the first day of set up - it cannot be faster, simpler and better.

Also available if required: Klima-Lounge CAR FRESH Ionisation the perfect air cleaning.

Here is the architectural area